If you thought you knew the bible then think again! Do you know who the true heroes of the Bible are?

Dive into the action and adventure of the Bible.  BibleForce® The First Heroes Bible retells the scriptures using stunning art and fast paced narrative that children can understand. You and your child can read about Bible heroes together, and the text is simple enough for young ones to read on their own. Children won’t want to put this book down.

Key Features

  • Over 150 of the most epic stories in the Bible
  • A dramatic art style which brings our Heroes to life
  • Hero profiles for key characters
  • Maps and a time line to set the scene

These are just some of the heroes you will find in this epic book:

  • Abraham – Father of a Nation
  • Joseph – The Dreamer
  • Moses – God’s special leader
  • Gideon – God’s Soldier
  • Samson – God’s Strongman
  • Ruth – A faithful friend
  • David – Shepherd and King
  • Solomon – The Wise One
  • Esther – A Heroic Queen
  • Peter – The Rock
  • Paul – The Changed Man
  • JESUS – The Ultimate Hero and Son of God!
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Dive into the action and adventure of the Bible! BibleForce Devotional: The First Heroes Devotional will help you and your children discover the message of the Bible and the heroes within its pages, as well as engage with devotions from a modern-day perspective kids can relate to.

BibleForce Devotional includes 100 devotions based on the heroes of the Bible with the popular comic-style action art, facts about each hero, Scriptures, and action items that help kids connect God’s Word to their lives today. As kids read about the heroes of the Bible, they’ll see ways they can be heroes for God as well.

BibleForce Devotional offers a fresh, bright graphic-novel style that will interest boys and girls alike and will be the perfect way to engage young readers who want an active, exciting devotional. It’s a great book to read together and is simple enough for young readers to read on their own. Kids won’t be able to put down this book! Jump into the story of God’s Word, and become an amazing hero for God today with BibleForce Devotional!

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Filled with colourful images, easy to read text and devotional thoughts, this little booklet packs a big punch!
The dramatic art style captures the attention of children in bringing the scriptures to life.